Should You Buy Or Rent Your CA Trade Show Booth?
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Should You Buy Or Rent Your CA Trade Show Booth?

Compared to buying, we believe it is a better option to rent your booth for a show. Not only is it a better investment, but you will have more options to choose from each year rather than using the same one every year. If it needs more convincing, here are some more reasons why renting booths for Trade Show Displays is better. 

A cost-effective option:

The thing about renting your booth is that you will have the freedom to go for bigger and better every year. If you decide to buy one instead, you will have to pay almost 3 to 4 times the price of the rental and will be stuck with it each year. This is why, rentals are a more cost-effective solution. 

More flexibility:

As we discussed, you will have the option to go for different kinds of designs, layouts, and sizes of booths depending on your budget and desire. So, you won’t have to go for cost-cutting measures after buying the booth. While there are other things as well that would influence this, choosing better options and designs can give you the opportunity to outshine your competitors during the trade show. 

Do multiple trade shows:

That’s right. With rentals, you will have the flexibility to do multiple trade shows at the same time. Think of all the money you would have to spend on booths if you decide to buy. When you rent booths, you will not worry about the expenses that much. Moreover, where will you keep these booths? Another plus is that you no longer have to worry about storage space or pay fees to keep these booths. 

No maintenance charges:

Whenever there are trade shows, it is quite normal to expect some amount of wear and tear on the trade booth. When you go for rentals, you are exempt from any additional fees for wear and tear unless they are too significant (it usually depends on where you are renting). When you decide to buy your booths, you will have to spend each year on the maintenance of these booths. 

Final thoughts:

Not to mention that renting is a more eco-friendly option. If sustainability is at the core of the trade show, it might not be a very bad idea to consider it. If you have more questions, get in touch with a trade show marketing company.